When we think about the Goa, the immediate things that came to our mind are Beautiful beaches, Full of the party and lots of seafood. However most of the time we only saw a limited portion of Goa. Goa is a state and we saw some small villages & towns in North Goa because that’s the party that always on fire all around the year but there is another side of Goa called South Goa which known for its calmness, beautiful beaches, and wonderful countryside.

Our Favorite Beaches in South Goa

There are many beaches in South Goa and most of us don’t have enough time to visit all of them, so I’m listing my favorite beach that I think you should visit.

Benaulim Beach

Benaulim Beach
Shacks at Benaulim Beach

Benaulim Beach is the most happening beach in South Goa, here you’ll find the maximum number of tourist and beach shacks. You’ll also find all kinds of beach activity at Benaulim Beach. Also, some of the very popular restaurants and Dominos Pizza are nearby.

Varca Beach

Varca Beach Goa

My favorite beach in South Goa to watch the Sunset, this beach is less touristy as compared to Benaulim and you can enjoy our time here. You’ll find a mix of white & brown sand which further enhances the beauty of this beach. There are few shacks which open only in Winter season otherwise you’re on your own. Local people came here in the evening to spend their family time.

Carmona Beach

Carmona Beach

Carmona is another beach the same as Varca Beach, less crowded, white sand, and beautiful sunset. If you go in the afternoon, probably you’ll find only 5-10 people. Go if you’re staying nearby for a perfect photography location. Limited Beach shacks here and they’re open for only a few months.

Cola Beach

Cola Beach

The best in Entire South Goa. This beach is very far from the main South Goa market and also there is no proper asphalt road to reach there. The beach is beautiful because just next to the beach you’ll find a freshwater lagoon. The beachside is occupied by resort and there are no shacks here only expensive restaurant which is part of the resort.

Agonda Beach

Agoda Beach is popular probably the last beach in Goa that suitable to go for tourists. (Palolem is further in South but that’s very far away) Agonda Beach is a long beach almost 3KM straight stretch and it also serves as nesting group fir sea turtles. There are many shacks available at this beach and from here you can take a boat to the hidden butterfly beach.

Other Things to see

Cabo de Rama Fort

This abandoned 17th Century Portuguese fortress beautiful way to see the seaside cliff. The view is superb here, however, there is no clear marking inside the fort so you’ve to navigate to yourself. There is a small chapel inside the fort and that’s it. No eatery, no shops so make sure you bring the water with you.

Cabo de Rama Fort

There is a way where you can hike down from the fort and reach close to the water but it could be dangerous as there is no beach, just rocks so be careful.

Churches & Goan Style Houses

There are many small big churches in South Goa which make it perfect photography places in this area. You don’t have to go deep, most of the churches are on South Goa main road.

South Goa Houses

Also, you’ll find many Goan style houses in South Goa with beautiful architecture & textures on it.

Wildlife Sanctuary & Waterfalls

Most of the Wildlife Sanctuary of Goa is located on South East side of Goa and Sanctuary is a good place to see the flora & fauna of Goa. The Wildlife Sanctuary is also home for some waterfalls including the famous one Dudh Sagar waterfall. If you’re coming just after the rainy season, you must visit this place to view the beauty of all waterfalls.

Vasco da Gama

Vasco da Gama is also close to South Goa, if you’re coming from the flight, the airport is located here in Vasco. There are some good churches in Vasco and some nice restaurants. If you’ve time you can also roam this city.

Where to Stay

Lazy Frog South Goa Hotel
Lazy Frog South Goa Hotel

Most of the 5-star luxury hotels are located in South Goa but there are also many budget options available here. We stayed in Lazy Frog Goa (Highly Recommend). Make sure you get the hotel close to the beach, many booking sites also show the hotels from Madgaon, which is slightly away from the beaches so make sure you don’t fall on this.