Road Trip to Chorla Ghat in Goa during Monsoon

Road Trip requires just good Bike, Beautiful locations, and good friends. When I did the regret for the lack of preparation and gain some good knowledge.

Choose Cruiser over Sports or Naked Bike

I always see people on road trip on their sports bike. Road trip is not always you go to A to B as fast as possible but reach A to B with safety and a beautiful view of surrounding. Cruiser bike always comfortable to ride in all the conditions and it would be good for your back as well.

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Get better tyres


What I learn from Road Trip

Tyres bear all the rear and tear during a road trip and your bike must have a good tyre to handle all kinds of loads. Ceat Tyres has some good collection of tyres for your road trip. Ceat has Vertigo Rage tubeless tyres which suit for both on/off-road conditions.

Prepare Bike

It’s a good idea to prepare your bike for a long journey, you need to do some maintenance work like engine, suspension, oil, headlight etc. The bike must be ready to tackle the long strain on the road trip. Also

Split your journey into small sections

It’s a good plan to split your journey into small sections and try to cover the checkpoint in a single day. For e.g, you can plan to cover 300 KM distance in 24 hours and try to stick that plan no more, no less. You can also book the hotels depending on the checkpoint. Always choose some city or town to stay. This is will make it easy to find hotels, mechanic, and others parts for your bike.

Get Better Gears

What I learn from Road Trip

You need to specialize the gears to protect yourself during the road trip. You need some basic gears such as jackets, shoes, glove, rain protector, helmet, GPS etc. During my Goa trip, my rain jacket failed and because of that both my phones and wallet got wet. This little mistake completely halts my journey as I’m in the middle of the forest and my phone was main GPS for me.

Prepare for Emergency

What I learn from Road Trip

When you’re traveling alone away from the population, the chances are that your bike may damage in the middle of nowhere. You always prepare for worst, always carry some food and water in case if you stuck for few hours. If you’re traveling to Ladakh or Bhutan then I suggest you carry the tent and sleeping bag. You won’t find many towns in between route.

Check Weather ahead

Always check for weather forecast before planning the trip. Avoid foggy and rainy season, these seasons make it difficult to drive and not safe from another vehicle traveling on the road.

Road trip is always fun to do no matter whether you’re doing it solo or with friends. It’s fun to explore the different part of the world. If you’re planning a road trip then better plan something, you can search on the internet to read the story of another road tripper. This gives you idea what you’ll see and what to take on the trip.

I’m chronicling my road trip adventure for CEAT Tyres in association with BlogAdda.


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