Quechua Down X-Light Review

Quechua the famous outdoor brand recently launched new Down Jacket. A down jacket is filled with feathers & outer layer is built with a waterproof or water resistant material. This makes the jacket lightweight, portable & water resistant which is good for snowy conditions. Most of the Down Jacket have been very pricey and Quechua tried to break this barrier by providing extremely well-priced jackets called Quechua Down X-light jacket.

Material Quality

The moment you pick the jacket in your hand, you’ll find the jacket is made of high-quality polyamide material. The jacket filled with 75% Down & 25% feathers which make the jacket very light in weight. The large jacket weighs just 440g. The Quechua X-Light offers a high amount of compressibility, you can compress in a small pack which won’t take too much room in your backup.

The padded sleeves, shoulders & hood are made of 100% polyester. Quechua used polyester material in the critical area to keep you warm even in wet condition. The Jacket has 2 zip up pockets & 2 pockets inside the jacket. The outer pocket is designed to keep your hand warm.


Quechua Down X-Light Review

The Jacket is slim-fit which is perfect as it retain heat inside and also you can use comfortably layered up under an outer shell. I’ve been using it over a few weeks in India. The jacket manages to keep me warm even in the foggy condition of North India.

The Jacket has a big side pockets to keep your hand warm and hood that’s perfectly fit around your face. The biggest advantage of Quechua X-Light jacket is that it can be easily fit in your backpack. You can roll & compress jacket and put in your backpack. The lightweight nature won’t increase the weight of your backpack.

The Quechua Down X-Light Jacket is good to go in 0°C but I advise you to take another layer. Don’t worry, because the jacket is slim fit, you won’t face any problem with another jacket on top.

Quechua Down X-Light Review


The Quechua Down X-Light Jacket is well-crafted jacket at very affordable price. The jacket material quality is good, lightweight because of features & warm enough to provide protection in chilly winter.

The Quechua Down X-Light Jacket price is Rs. 2999 (£29.99). The Jacket is available for sale at Decathlon stores near you and also comes up wit 2-year warranty.


Water Resistant
Material Quality
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