Kon Lanta is the very small Island located on the coast of the Andaman sea in Southern Thailand. The Island is accessible by car and ferry from Krabi. Koh Lanta is the perfect offbeat location and somehow spared from over development. Very lest tourist reach here, through the Thai govt. is constructing the road which directly connects the Island with the Mainland and after that this small Island will be flooded with the tourist.

My Thailand Backpacker Diary

After spending 4 days in Ao Nang & Krabi, I took the Shared Mini Van from Ao Nang to the Koh Lanta. For now, Koh Lanta is not connected by road but the vehicle can still go there with the help of transport boat which carries all the cars and bikes to the other side. The Mini Van is the cheapest and fastest way to reach the Koh Lanta. You can book the van directly from the hotel or nearby travel agent.

Krabi to Koh Lanta
Ship Taking Cars & Bikes to Koh Lanta Island

I reached Koh Lanta in the afternoon, spent time in the hostel and in the evening I head for the Long Beach (Phra Ae Beach) for sunset. The Koh Lanta vibe is completely different as compared to Ao Nang, the town is silent, people just relaxing near the beachside restaurants and enjoying their food and drink with the cool breeze. Koh Lanta has both big Villas and cheap hostel, so accommodation is not a problem. As Koh Lanta is a small Island with just 30 KM long, the scooter is the best to roam the entire Island.

Restaurant at Saladan Market
Restaurant at Saladan Market

Next day, I took the scooter on rent and start roaming the town. I’m listing the activities/places you can do/visit during your Koh Lanta visit.

Bamboo Beach

Bamboo beach is the beautiful Island in the Koh Lonta, if you’re looking for a clean beach with clear water and very less crowd then Bamboo beach is must visit. You can spend an entire day here by relaxing at the Beach.

Bamboo Bay, Koh Lanta
Bamboo Beach, Koh Lanta

Beware of the Monkeys in the evening time, they might try to steal your items.

Old Lanta Town

Before origin of Saladan, all the trades of Koh Lanta was done at the Old Lanta town. The vibe at Old Lanta town is completely different, you’ll feel that the town is stuck in the past.

Old Lanta Town Koh Lanta
Old Lanta Town

Now all the new buildings, hotels, restaurants moved to Saladan and it left behind few restaurants and shops here. All the buildings are made of wood and you’ll also see the lantern lamp all over it which will give the new taste in the Thailand.

Old Lanta Town Koh Lanta
Old Lanta Town Pier

Koh Lanta National Park (Mu Ko Lanta National Park)

Koh Lanta National Park is located in the Southernmost part of the Koh Lanta, it’s after the Bamboo Beach.

Way to Lighthouse, Koh Lanta
Way to Lighthouse, Koh Lanta

The admission fee is quite high but if you want to shot some sunset pics then you must head to Lighthouse there. From there, the view is breathtaking and please beware of monkeys. They’ll try to steal your bag.

4 Island Tour

The 4 Island Tour is very popular tourist activity to do in Koh Lanta, almost every hotel, travel agents are selling the tickets for this tour. Though I didn’t go on this tour, however, fellow travelers share their journey and it must do when you’re in Koh Lanta. On this tour, they’ll take you to the Emerald Cave (cave inside island). You’ve to swim for few meters through pitch dark tunnel to reach there.

Phra Ae Beach (Long Beach)

Phra Ae Beach is the longest beach in the Koh Lanta with straight stretch, you’ll maximum tourist on this beach and this place is also perfect for the watching the sunset.

Phra Ae Beach (Long Beach)
Phra Ae Beach (Long Beach)

There are many restaurants and bars along this beach, you can sit and enjoy your drink.

Khlong Chak Waterfall

Khlong Chak Waterfall
Khlong Chak Waterfall

Khlong Chak Waterfall, the fall is buried deep in the jungle and you’ve to hike for 20-30 mins to reach there. Because it was the dry season, the flow of waterfall is very less but still, it was a good hike.

How to Reach Koh Lanta

By Minivan: Cheapest and fastest way to reach the Koh Lanta is the minivan from Krabi. You can book the shared minivan from Krabi, Ao Nang or Krabi Airport.


You can also reach the Lanta by ferry, you’ve to take the ferry from the Krabi and you will arrive at Saladan Port.

Stay – Hotels/Hostels/Villas

You can find the cheap stay at Saladan area and also villa is also available in southern part of the Island. You can book your stay here.

Koh Lanta is pretty laid back Island, if you’re looking for silent beach gateway with few tourist then Koh Lanta is the perfect destination. Let me know if you been to Koh Lanta and like to share your thoughts and also comment below if you’re looking for some information.


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