People often go to Manali, Shimla, Goa, Beaches etc for there honeymoon, but we were on the different mood to celebrate our togetherness.. we chose road trip instead of traveling somewhere in a bus or train to any common hill stations or beaches.

Udaipur to Chaukori Road Trip at Glance

Difficulty: Medium

Duration: 8 Days

Distance: 2400 KM

Highest Altitude: 6600 ft

Temperature: Plains (45 ° C), Mountains (10° C)

Avg. Travel Time: 5-6 hrs/days

Day 1: Udaipur to Jaipur

We started our journey from our hometown of Udaipur and reached our first stop Jaipur. The first interesting thing that we found on a road trip is you can hear all your favorite songs during the trip because most of your time is spent inside the car (you can make a pre-list of romantic songs). Secondly, we went in a season of summer so we have carried a water cooler with us, trust me it was the must. The route till Jaipur was not so interesting and there was 5 to 6 toll there which was quite costly. We pre-booked our oyoroom and reached there at 3 pm.

Honeymoon Road Trip to Chaukori Almora

That was our first day so we were a little bit tired and also we have started our journey earlier at 6 am. So we fell asleep and when we woke up we found it’s dinner time. We preferred to walk to the nearby restaurant and that part was so beautiful as walking on the roads of Jaipur at night with your loved one holding hands in hands.

Day 2: Jaipur to Delhi

Again we woke up earlier and started our journey towards Delhi. The good thing about waking up earlier is that you can reach your destination on time and you can have plenty of time for sightseeing and have some sweet time with your one and only. And of course we need lunch too, that problem was solved by the great McDonald’s burger king and little chocolate shake from Baskin Robin. And we both die heart fan of all the above eatery shops. The only thing running in my mind was this – Okay! so we are on a road trip but still, we only found highways but that was a good part for the person who is driving, You could drive fast with less strain. We reached Delhi in the daytime so we decided to go for some sightseeing.

Honeymoon Road Trip to Chaukori Almora

We saw India gate, Safdarjung tomb which is very popular among young couples and also a very fascinating location for photography after that we went back to our hotel that was too pre-booked and part of fab hotels. For dinner we went to a mall and ate mind-blowing paneer sizzler at wow momos, That was the tasty ending of the night. We did choose Noida for our stay instead of Delhi, the reason was, of course, the crowd and the hectic traffic and to avoid the delay that could happen due to both of them.

Day 3: Delhi to Bhimtal

Okay now were the things we were eagerly waiting for – trees, mountains, and greenery. We were now experiencing the beautiful roadside view with lots of melodious songs. Singing, dancing in joy and showing each other lots gestures of love (don’t disturb the driver much while he’s driving safety first). What we saw was something that added more love and peace to our environment _ a beautiful road surrounded by trees both side and the wind turned blowing from hot to cold and joyous waves. The highway turned into curvy roads and the buildings into trees, rivers, bridges, and mountains. The route bounded us to stop at every single thing we saw there as it was beautifully crafted by God’s creativity.

Honeymoon Road Trip to Chaukori Almora

Finally, we reached our beautiful stay at Bhimtal – Neelesh inn, We had a mutual feeling of happiness after looking at the views we were surrounded with. The weather was totally opposite, it was calm, cold and peaceful. Does heaven exist? Yes! Was in front of us. Bhimtal was the place we were looking for ~ calm, silent, beauty with no noise of crowd traffic or pollution, but wait it was not the end of our road trip btw this beautiful day ended with some hot coffee and love and love. And yes a suggestion if you visit Bhimtal one must eat chowmein there as it was so delicious.

Day 4 & 5: Bhimtal to Chakauri

Finally, the day has arrived. We were going to that place every single couple wants to be. And also it was the longest journey compared to past days. There were single roads carved on the mountain edge, the altitude was also rising, if you have the problem of motion sickness you cannot enjoy the feeling of being on top and closer to the sky. There was a cold breeze blowing in the daytime also, which was the best part of the route.

Honeymoon Road Trip to Chaukori Almora

There were long beautiful pine trees everywhere, the chirping of birds, mountains covered with clouds and many cute schools going children. Oh my goodness! where were we? Was that our dream planet on earth? Oh! It was, it really was. But it was not the end of surprises that nature was giving to us ~ we saw a rough road on our right with a board placed on which written Dokney waterfall 2km ahead. And we both are water babies, our excitement was on peak. But we have to take a hard decision is that whether we go or not, it’s because the waterfall was seasonal and the current season ongoing was summer and if we get dry waterfall than we will get disappointed and at the same time, a lot of our will be wasted.

Honeymoon Road Trip to Chaukori Almora

With a lot of courage, we decided to go there and yes! The decision was successfully right. What we saw was beyond beautiful, the water was cold as hell still we bumped into the water. Within a minute our body turned red because of which we have to take our legs back. Btw that was a mind-blowing experience. The sad thing is that they took money for going there i.e 100₹/person. After spending 1 or 2 hours there, we continued our road trip towards our final stop.Honeymoon Road Trip to Chaukori Almora

Roads became rawer We reached our final destination the Misty Mountains. Yes! This was the final huge surprise for both of us, there was a beautiful lady Ambika living with her adorable little daughter Suroohi and a female dog Rags who had enormous property on that mountain in front of where you can see the various range of mountains that are covered with snow. She and her husband Madhur created this magical environment, they have made 4 or 5 cottages where one can come and stay with there families.

Honeymoon Road Trip to Chaukori Almora
Our Oak Suite at The Misty Mountains

The cottages were amazing, marvelous and making that statement true ~ wadiyon me apna ek chota sa aashiyana . The food was amazing, fresh and homemade, vegetables were homegrown. Suddenly the same thought struck in our mind ~ how about staying here forever ? far away from the daily hectic life , making small hut to live in and cooking food on fire , loving each other every single moment, neither watches to look and run for tirey work nor the addictive day-night use of the internet.

Honeymoon Road Trip to Chaukori Almora

That 2 days was the best time of our lives . We have lived every moment out there. If you are fed up of your routine life or like to spend the summer vacation at hill stations or want some refreshment you must choose Misty mountains instead of going Manali , Shimla or Goa . Also, we went to Patal bhuvaneshvar that was 45 minute away from misty mountains. It was a 200mtr deep cave of holy god mahadev with the religious history of all the devi devta’s and there breath taking sculptures.

Day 6: Chakauri to Nainital

The journey of returning back has started. with heavy hearted, we left that place . We chose Nainital to stay at night while returning back.

Honeymoon Road Trip to Chaukori Almora

It was crowded, with lots of traffic, the beauty of mountains disappeared by the construction of wast amount of hotels and buildings. The good thing was you can enjoy roaming and shopping onto Mall road, you will find street food , artificial jewelry, footwear, winter cloths and a view of nainital lake with the bulk of boats floating out there. With the increase in tourism, Nainital is suffering from the insufficiency of water.

If you’re also planning some offbeat things to do on your Honeymoon then I’ll suggest you go on Road Trip with your loved one. You can go at your own pace, make at stop at many beautiful places and the road trip also won’t make a big hole in your pocket.


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