apply for Thailand VISA for Indian Passport Holder

Thailand is very popular tourist destination among Indians especially the Backpackers and the first timer who is going for the first foreign trip. Flight tickets from India to Thailand is very cheap and also cost per day is very cheap in Thailand, this combo attracts the many Indian tourists to Thailand and also we all know the Thailand is a land of beautiful Islands & Rich Culture.

In February 2017, I have been to my first foreign Backpacking Trip to Thailand. I’ll post series of post on Thailand.

Here I’ll tell you How you can apply for the Thailand VISA from India. I prefer Normal VISA over VISA on Arrival. Two biggest reasons

  1. Thailand waived off VISA fees for Indians. You’ve only have to pay taxes.
  2. You can skip the long queue at VISA on Arrival in Bangkok.

Here are the List of Documents required for Indian Passport Holder for Thailand VISA:

  1. In Out Flight Tickets: You need confirmed flight tickets from India to Thailand and back to Thailand to India.
  2. Valid Passport: Valid Indian Passport with validity not less than 6 months with two opposite blank pages.
  3. Two Photographs: Two Passport size photograph with white background and with 80% zoom. Make sure the Photo should not be older than 3 months.
  4. Thailand Hotel Tickets: Confirmed Hotel reservation tickets in Thailand which means you’ve to book your Hotel tickets in advance and print the tickets. You’ve to show the tickets for each day.
  5. Bank Statement: Bank Statement with minimum balance of Rs. 45000. Thai office ask for min 6 months but I suggest you to get 1 year bank statement. Also you’ve to put the seal on the bank statement from banks.
  6. VISA Form: Last & Final thing is VISA Form, you can download the form here. You’ve to fill the form and take it along with other documents.


VISA Fees: No Charge till August 2017

Tax: Rs. 305

Courier Charges: Rs. 205 (If you the Passport with VISA directly at your home)

Where to apply

You can visit this site and select the nearest center.

Important Things to Remember:

  1. The Entire Process is for Single Entry Tourist VISA only.
  2. VISA on Arrival have slightly different process
  3. You’ve to apply for a VISA at least 7 working days prior to the date of travel.
  4. VISA Process takes 3 days after submitting the documents.
  5. Add extra 2 days, if you’re submitting from VFS center outside from New Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai & Chennai.
  6. Additional documents may be asked by Thai Embassy so be prepared for it.

The above requirement is only for Tourist VISA with Single Entry which means with that VISA you can enter Thailand only once. And the VISA is valid for 3 months.

If you’ve any questions regarding the Thailand VISA, then comment it below. I’ll try to answer all of them.


      1. The travel document is your passport.
      2. Just carry the photo & glue with you, the VFS guy will tell you how to paste the photo.
      3. In local guarantor, just add the first hotel name where you’ll going to stay in Thailand.
  1. I am applying for THAI tourist visa (single entry) from INDIA and i am facing some issue regarding filling some column-
    1. what to write in column of EMPLOYER NAME column as my occupation is BUSINESS.

    I have 2 hotel booking at two different places so which one to write in column of PROPOSED ADRESS 1 IN THAILAND and PROPOSED ADRESS 2 IN THAILAND..
    I m going to thailand as tourist person so i dont have any gurantor in thailand so what should i write in columns of THAI GUARANTOR DETAILS…

    I will be highly obliged if i get the above information as soon as possible so that i will be able to fill the form correctly.....
    Thanking You

    • In occupation, write ‘director at Mycompany’.
      In guarantor: Write your first hotel name and address.
      In proposed address: you can leave it blank and carry the pen with you. VFS guy will tell you to fill this in case they want something.

  2. i do not want to go to VFS for visa apply, is there any other option for it ? if yes then how do i pay the visa fees ?
    and please tell me the VFS address also thanks

  3. Hello Sir, Can you tell me the step by step process after we land in Bangkok Don Mueang Airport… I mean where to go first .. for immigration or bag collection or visa on arrival…as i have never visited any foreign country i donot have such idea. Please help.


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