Long weekends are a treat for travelers, well-timed breaks throughout the year can turn the humdrum daily life into a short holiday every few weeks. With over 10 long weekends in 2018, wanderlust stricken souls have a lot to look forward to. So bid adieu to last-minute planning this year, and make the most of these weekends by planning your vacays in advance with Skyscanner.

2018 Long Weekends

Unveiling the list of long weekends, the global travel search engine puts together some destinations for inspiration and their average flight fares for cost estimation.

Republic Day weekend – 26th January to 29th January

Embark on your first vacay of the year to Ooty – an enchanting hill station which is often described as ‘Queen of the Nilgiris’ for its mesmerizing blue mountains. Ooty continues to lure travelers for its picturesque landscapes, misty mountains and sprawling fields of tea plantation. Easy access from Coimbatore airport and average flight fare amounting from INR 7,507, Ooty makes for a perfect escape right at the start of the year.

10th February to 13th February

Explore the grandeur of Jaipur – a haven for culture aficionados and history lovers. The pink city offers travellers vibrant bazaars and an unforgettable shopping experience. There is also a lot to choose from the cuisine to the arts that will reinvigorate the senses. Additionally, time travel becomes much more affordable with the average flight fare to Jaipur from INR 8,150 in February. What more can one ask for on a weekend break?

29th March to 2nd April

Lying in the Western Ghats, Madikeri is a popular hill station with expansive coffee plantations, lush forests and misty hills, all culminating into a breath-taking view. This quaint hill town is easily accessible through Mangalore airport and the average flight fares for a visit in April totals up to just INR 8,333.

27th April to 1st May

Dubai has risen as a popular destination for short international holidays. Suitable for both the first time travellers and the seasoned international vacationer. Dubai offers a mélange of heritage and modern city living, not to mention an array of theme parks, shopping malls and world-renowned restaurants, giving travellers everything they want in one place. The average flight fare from India in May is INR 20,32 is just right to plan a quick break and tick of a global destination off the list.

14th June to 17th June

Singapore can fill up every type of tourists’ itinerary – from wildlife admirers to high-end shoppers, architectural maniacs to cultural explorers, and sightseers to party lovers. Singapore can be a little bit of everything, including economical with the average flight fares in June costing just INR 18,729.

15th August – 19th August

This long weekend, dare to dream of an exotic destination. The Cambodian capital, Phnom Penh, boasts

of extensive cultural and historical attractions including temple and museums. From the famous Cambodian hospitality to exciting touristy sites, this marvelous spot has so much in store for travelers. The average flight fares coming up to just INR 24,041 makes Phnom Penh a budget-friendly international destination.

1st September – 4th September

With its breathtaking tea gardens, oodles of elephants and alluring beaches, Sri Lanka has won hearts of many. Sri Lanka strikes the perfect balance between tranquility and adventure as it offers tourists a chance to meditate in a 2000-year-old- temple and get their heart racing with adventurous activities. Sri Lanka’s Arugambay is a mecca for big wave surfers and scuba divers won’t be disappointed with quality reefs littered only the coast. With average flight fares in September starting at INR 15,166, Sri Lanka continues to be a charming hot spot for travellers.

29th September – 2nd October

The world’s most visited city is a dream come true for any sightseeing lover. Known for its exotic beaches just a short drive from the city and vibrant nightlife, Bangkok never ceases to amaze travelers from across the globe! To make your vacation worthwhile, the average flight fares add up to just INR 17,745.

18th October – 21st October

A long weekend in October gives plenty of time to plan a faraway exotic holiday. This time, think Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We know, it’s really far away, maybe too far for just a long weekend, but that’s just gives you more time to explore world famous Copacabana Beach and learn to samba. Even though the average flight fares are INR 97,449, taking time to plan in advance can make this a far-off holiday a reality.

3rd November – 11th November

Situated in the heart of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur is a gastronomical paradise with thousands of hawker stalls, and restaurants serving every imaginable type of delicacies. With average flight fares from INR 14,985, the city continues to be a top destination owing to its myriad of sightseeing spots and gleaming skyscrapers.

22nd December – 25th December

Diu, the coastal town at the eastern end of Diu Island, is a humble abode to wondrous beaches and alluring scenery. Ditch the usual hotspots and explore the little known wonders of India during peak season. Average flight fares from INR 14,186 will let you live king size during the year’s last weekend.

So, gear up for the year of long weekends and check off these hot destinations from your bucket list one by one. Set up price alerts for the destination year-end plan the holidays to come through the year.


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